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PHCC OF GA Courses and Tests for Online CE

The following courses are approved by the State Licensing Board for credit towards state of Georgia plumbing license renewal requirement. License holders are required to obtain four (4) hours of continuing eductation every year.

Additional Business Courses for PHCC of GA Contractors
For information on how to become a PHCC of Contractor Contact PHCC of GA at 678-947-3473.

Venting for Plumbing Systems - 1 hour CE Credit

The Stimulus: What’s In It For You and Your Customers -
1 hour CE Credit

Commercial Drawings - 1 hour CE Credit
By taking this course you will learn to identify what components make up a set of construction drawings.

Plumbing Code Update - 1 hour CE Credit
Review of Georgia Amendments to the International Plumbing Code.

Understanding Overhead - 1 hour CE Credit
This course is designed to assist you in determining your overhead expenses and pricing.

Making the Sales Pitch for Energy and Water Efficient Product - 1 hour CE Credit

EPA’s New Requirements for Home Contractors (2010) - 1 hour CE Credit

Introduction to NFPA 13D Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems for One and Two Family Homes - 1 hour CE Credit

What the Heck is All This Social Media Stuff Anyway - 1 hour CE Credit

Get in the Mix – Adding Profitability to your Water Heater Business with Mixing Valves - 1 hour CE Credit

Additional Business Courses for PHCC of GA Contractors

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